Personalized Acupressure Treatments

A lot of our patients greatly value Acupressure Treatments Personalized individually to their unique health situation! 

Personalized Acupressure Treatments are offered by Dr. Bargak:

  • on an individual basis
  • by investing personal Dr. Bargak’s time to develop a unique treatment specifically for you
  • delivered by email to your inbox at the exactly right points in time: 2 emails a day
  • this increases the adherence to the treatment by more than 75%
  • each email contains a video with precise instructions to follow
  • repetition of the treatment is offered automatically at the right time to increase the long-term effect


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  • A Personalized Treatment is 10x more effective than General Treatment
  • A Personalized Treatment is as close as it gets to visiting an Acupuncturist in person
  • A Personalized Treatment is 10x less expensive than a visit to an Acupuncturist
  • A Personalized Treatment is 10x less time consuming than a visit to an Acupuncturist